NCIX Rewards Program - Reward yourself!

It's a WIN/WIN situation with NCIX

NCIX Reward gives our members a unique way to get products without spending a penny! By browsing and participating in community activities on NCIX, you can collect NCIX Reward Points. NCIX Rewards can be redeemed for merchandise and select NCIX services*.

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How to Collect Reward Points:

+100 Points Sign up for the weekly NCIX newsletters.
+50 Points Write a product review for a product you've purchased from us within the last 3 months.(Order must be completed and paid for online)
+25 Points When you receive our weekly newsletter, click on the claim newsletter points button.
+25 Points At the end of every month, newsletter subscribers have a chance to win a prize. Click the "Help Pick a Winner" button in our Prize Picker on listed draw dates.
+25 Points Write a product review on NCIX
+2 Points Add a product review link
NCIX Reward Points

NCIX Rewards can be redeemed by NCIX members at anytime. Certain NCIX promotions may be restricted as NON-TRANSFERRABLE NCIX Rewards, which can only be used for redeeming qualified NCIX Rewards qualified merchandise and services.

Points marked as TRANSFERRABLE can be used for tipping and other community activities.
NCIX Rewards Tipping

Tipping allows you to give your NCIX Reward Points to other members of the NCIX Forums. It's an easy way to say "thanks" to those who've been helpful on the NCIX Forums.

Just click on the "Tips Posting" Message link on the persons post you would like to tip. Then enter the amount of points you'd like to tip, and the other Forum member will receive them instantly!

* NCIX reserves the right to cancel issued NCIX Reward Points upon review of points earned by a member, if the points accumulated were done so by means of misrepresentation, or faults with the point system. Points for review links, competitive price submissions, reviews, gallery photos, and forum postings will only be issued subject to review of the validity of each of the submissions. Rewards Points cannot be credited to cash sales not charged under a valid user account at NCIX. All NCIX Rewards issued and transferred are subject to audit. View Terms & Conditions for additional details.

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