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The Vesta 3050 - Now better than ever!

NVIDIA's brand-new GeForce GTX 560 Ti takes everything the GTX 460 did right, and improves upon it! Performance per watt, raw FPS numbers and especially tessellation performance all show tangible boosts. This enables gamers to experience the latest DirectX 11 titles in full HD with tessellation & all details turned up at a previously unheard of price point.

It was only natural that we updated our popular Vesta 3050 configuration to be worthy of housing this new killer card. Either package now ships with a liquid cooled Intel Core i5 760 processor. The Base package ships with a single GTX 560 Ti, while the Performance package ups the ante with SLI GTX 560 Ti's for ultimate visual bliss. The Performance package also includes 8GB of DDR3 RAM which delivers incredible multitasking performance, and an 80GB OCZ SSD for lightning-fast loading times.

Despite noticeably improved performance levels across the board, the system retains its signature quietness and energy efficiency. With excellent upgradeability, a surprisingly compact form factor, and a killer price to performance ratio, the Vesta 3050 stands unrivaled.

Linus Sebastian
Tech Tips Host

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